Do you use Iowa Central Community College students in the testing laboratory?
The Iowa Central Fuel Testing Laboratory is a business offering professional services to the biofuels industry.  With the existence of the Biofuels and Biotech programs at the college, it is a strength to offer top students internships or employment at the Fuel Testing Laboratory.  It is, however, always a trained professional performing the testing procedures.


Can the laboratory provide same day test results?
With tests that can be performed within an hour's time and morning sample receipt, test results can sometimes be provided the same day as received. Pre-arrangement is required. Additional charges apply.


Where is the laboratory located?
The Iowa Central Fuel Testing Laboratory is located on the campus of Iowa Central Community College.  The college main entrance is one mile east of Highway 169 on Business 20.  Travel north through the main entrance to a T-intersection.  At that T-intersection the Biosciences and Health Sciences Building (orange, tan and silver) will appear in front of you slightly to the left.  This is the building (BHS building) which houses the fuel testing laboratory.  Parking is located just south of the building.  Once inside, the Laboratory is on the East, or right hand side on the main level.


Do we perform Cetane Number testing by ASTM D 613?
The Iowa Central Fuel Testing Laboratory does not have a Cetane engine, necessary for performing Cetane testing by ASTM D 613. The laboratory outsources this testing and offers follow-up with the outsourced testing provider for timely completion.


What is BQ-9000 Accreditation?

The National Biodiesel Accreditation Program is a cooperative and voluntary program for the accreditation of producers, marketers, and laboratory analysts of biodiesel fuel called BQ-9000®. The program is a unique combination of the ASTM standard for biodiesel, ASTM D6751, and of a quality systems program that includes sample handling, analysis, process control, and data management.  The Iowa Central Fuel Testing Laboratory is the first laboratory in the nation to have completed the BQ-9000 program for commercial laboratories.